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Staff Members

Communication between teachers and parents is extremely important. Staff members welcome your notes and calls.  Teachers are usually available to accept phone calls from 8:00 a.m. – 8:20 a.m. and immediately after school at 2:50 p.m. The office will take messages anytime, and the teacher will return the call as soon as practical.
We also have email for parent/school communication. The email addresses are provided by clicking on the teacher’s name link below.
If you are concerned about something please:
  • talk to the teacher first. Besides you, the teacher has the most direct contact with your child.
  • if the situation is still not resolved, please feel free to talk with an administrator.

School Administration and Office Staff

Robin Riley  |  Principal
Peter Lew  |  Vice Principal
Bridgette Hall  |  School Secretary
Mrs. Wirick  |  School Office Assistant
Mrs. Razawi  |  School Office Assistant
Mrs. Jones    |  School Office Assistant
Transitional Kindergarten(TK) Class
Mrs. Roth |  Track A
Kindergarten AM Class
Mrs. Bishop  |  Track A
Mrs. Carda  |  Track C
Kindergarten PM Class
Mrs. Burke  |   Track D
Kindergarten PM  | Grade 1 Combo Class
Ms. Munsey   |  Track B
Grade 1
Ms. Rebhan  |  Track A
Ms. Lopus  |  Track D
Grade 1 | Grade 2 Combo Class
Mr. Watson  |  Track C
Ms. Cruz | Track C
Grade 2
Mrs. Wood-Kilmer  |  Track A
Mr. Burke | Track B
Ms. Smith  |  Track D
Mrs. Swain | Track D
Grade 3
Ms. Patriquin |  Track A
Ms. Puett  |  Track B
Mrs. Roberts |  Track C
Mrs. Israel |  Track D
Grade 4
Mrs. Prather-Payne  |  Track A
Mrs. Licerio  |  Track B
Mrs. Leones  |  Track D
Grade 4 | Grade 5 Combo Class
Ms. Furlow | Track C

Grade 5

Mr. Andrews  |  Track B
Mr. Yount |  Track D
Grade 5 | Grade 6 Combo Class
Mrs. Stralen | Track A
Grade 6
Mrs. Stoller  |  Track B
Ms. Beam  |  Track C
Mrs. Zavada  |  Track D

LEVELS Program Teachers  |  Traditional Calendar Schedule

Alexis Ramirez |  Level 4, Grades TK/K AM
Brandon Amato  |  Level 4, Grades TK/K PM
Kelly McPherson |  Level 4, Grades 1/2
Karen Dumaslan |  Level 4, Grade 3
Amanda Briare  |  Level 4, Grades 4/5
Luisa Regalado|  Level 3, Grade 1
Nancy Vang |  Level 3, Grades 2/3
Anayeli Rodriguez Galindo |  Level 3, Grades 4/5
Erika Butler |  Level 3, Grades 5/6
Support Teaching Staff
Mrs. Wong | Academic Intervention Teacher
Mrs. Hoppner  |  Visual and Performing Arts
Mrs. Feickert-Miles  |  P.E. Resource
Mrs. Mifsud  |  Computer Resource
Mrs. Felix |  Resource Specialist / Learning Center
Mr. Wilson  |  Resource Specialist / Learning Center
Ms. Banks  |  School Psychologist
Ms. Jaggers  |  Speech-Language Pathologist
Ms. Harada |  Speech-Language Pathologist
Ms. Hang |  Speech-Language Pathology Assistant
Ms. Sebastian-Tran |  Speech-Language Pathology Assistant
Mrs. Katsandres |  Inclusive Education Specialist
Mr. Huckabay |  Program Specialist
Lead Custodian
Food and Nutrition
Ms. Sheila – Lead