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Dance, music and the arts are crucial in the positive development of a student’s overall academic, social and emotional growth. Joseph Sim’s Visual And Performing Arts (VAPA) program provides an opportunity for students to engage in creative expression through hands-on learning.
According to research, some of the benefits of visual and performing arts include:
  • a positive impact on students’ ability to organize their writing
  • increased literacy skills
  • higher-ordered thinking skills, such as analyzing and problem-solving
  • a positive influence on student behavior and school pride
  • connects students with their own culture as well as with the broader world
The VAPA program at Joseph Sims is 100% funded by the Joseph Sims PTO – fundraising and donations are critical to keeping this program going. Make a gift today! 
VAPA at Joseph Sims

VAPA at Joseph Sims

Joseph Sims Elementary is proud to offer its students a comprehensive visual and performing arts program. Each student receives several weeks of hands-on art instruction during the school year using various art mediums like pastel, acrylic and watercolor. At the end of the school year, every student’s artwork is showcased at a museum night during our annual Open House.
Additionally, students receive several weeks of dance and singing instruction, which leads up to a very special 100% kid-run VAPA performance. Students run the entire production, from performing to the audio, lighting, and announcements. VAPA performances are grouped into five or six different nights spread throughout the school year.
Support VAPA

Support VAPA

We are thankful to our school community of parents, families, and businesses who ensure all students are involved in the VAPA program – but we can’t do it without your help! There are several ways you can help support VAPA: